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A full-service communications and PR agency. Based in Denmark, working across Europe. Empowering brands and people since 1999.

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Examples of our work

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When you stand out from the crowd, you spend less time in the background

Rostra Research is our in-house analysis agency, which has since 1999 solved analytical tasks for many of our clients. We work with a wide range of methods and both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

Rostra is a PR and communications agency

Rostra is a communications agency that advises companies, authorities and organizations on setting agendas, creating relationships and influencing behavior in its target group. At the same time, Rostra is a PR agency that helps its customers get their messages right out to the target group - via press coverage, campaigns, social mediaevents, networks, or one of the many other tools in our toolbox.

PR and communications agency since 1999

Rostra was founded in 1999 and has worked for both private and public clients throughout the years. We also work within most industries and sectors. In the case collection , you can see examples of some of the tasks we solve for various clients.

Our starting point as a PR and communications agency is professional knowledge, creativity, and many years of practical experience.

PR and communications agency consultants

We are a PR and communications agency with consultants who, with enthusiasm, creativity, and overview, change awareness, attitudes, and behavior among all types of target groups. Our consultants have backgrounds such as journalists, communication advisors, marketing experts, political specialists, copywriters, analysts, and creative communicators. All our consultants are used to working for very different clients in many different industries.

Job in a PR and communications agency?

If you have a sharp pen, a special eye for PR and strategic communication, and if you want to be part of a PR and communications agency in development and growth, we would like to hear from you.