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Digital communication

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Rostra Kommunikation advices international companies and organizations on digital communication in the Danish and Nordic markets. We know the Danish and Nordic customers’ consumer habits in the digital area and can advise you on consumption, target audiences, media channels, and content based around your company’s needs, so your digital strategy supports your overall communication goals.

Digital communication on social media in Denmark and Scandinavia

In Denmark as well as Scandinavia and the Nordics, citizens and consumers are very digital, and many are active on more than one social media platform.

Social media platforms offer brands, influencers and marketers unprecedented opportunities to gain access to their target groups. Our agency ensures that you offer your audiences quality content and sustain a continuous outreach of updates that appeal to the audience.

Regardless of whether the purpose of your communication on social media is increased awareness, sales, customer involvement or enhanced relationships with your audiences, Rostra Kommunikation helps you uncover your options and execute your digital communications strategy on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Our consultants have worked with social media since their appearance, and with many years of experience our agency will assist you in optimising your social media strategy, execution and social media advertising. Based on your needs, we can manage your full social media presence or merely supply you with engaging content ready to use.

Knowledge of Danish and Nordic consumers is key to effective digital communication

Your audience use social media because the platforms provide them value – both during work hours and in their spare time. Do you want to create that value and thus increase your audience’s awareness, affiliation and sympathy for your message, campaign, or business?

Rostra Kommunikation helps you understand your target audience and their use of your digital media through qualitative and quantitative research. Digital communication is only effective if it is targeted and analyzed. With the right kind of communication, customers will come to you.

We are experts in content, communication and target audiences, and our advice attaches great importance to these aspects. Together, we assess your situation, your goals and your content, before recommending a solution.

Appealing content for all your media channels

We produce appealing and appropriate content for all your media channels; including videos, text, photos, graphics and other creative work. Many of our clients operate in highly strategic contexts, and we are experts in uniting creative expressiveness with surgically crafted messages.

Video production is a field where we have much experience. Our team has worked with every kind of film production and handles both small and large projects. We know how to create compelling videos that keep the audience engaged and gets the key messages through.

How may we help you?

Rostra Kommunikation can help you manage your digital media projects in the Danish and Nordic markets. Our services include:

  • Presence on the Danish and Nordic social media
  • Sales optimization
  • Customer relations
  • Community management
  • Targeted ad campaigns based on knowledge of the target audience’s behavior, geography, demography, economy, etc.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM), e.g. with Google AdWords
  • Newsletters – design and setup, building the recipient list, news production, and operation
  • Contact to bloggers and influencers online
  • Collaboration with online media
  • Distribution of content
  • Content: videos, text, photos, graphics
Need help with social media or other digital communications project in Denmark?
Rostra has many years of experience with getting the best out of social media and digital communication for our clients. We can help you through every step of the process from idea to execution of a succesful project. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!