Campaign against cigarette stubs based on behavioral design

Cigarette stubs are a large part of the waste problem in many places. Therefore, Rostra has developed a campaign package with tools based on behavioral design and nudging, which can easily be implemented in places where cigarette stubs pile up in the wrong places.

Vestegnen HF & VUC are among those who have chosen to implement the campaign package. The school experienced an increasing problem with students and guests not complying with the school's smoking policy for smoking zones and the use of ashtrays. The problem was both financial, aesthetic, time related as well as related to work environment.

After the campaign, Vestegnen HF & VUC has experienced significantly fewer cigarette stubs and less waste, just as the behavior of smokers has changed in a very positive direction. Compliance with the smoking policy is today the norm, unlike in the past, just as the campaign has created an awareness of good habits among smokers.

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