About Rostra

Rostra [’rås-tra] was the name of the lectern at the Forum Romanum in ancient Rome, where politicians 300 BC competed for attention from audiences. At Rostra Kommunikation, we are experts in attracting the right kind of attention and changing attitudes and behaviors in our target groups through effective communication.  

Rostra Kommunikation is a full-service public relations and communications agency operated by a team of senior profiles. Since 1999, we have worked as trusted advisers for companies, authorities, and trade associations. We are communications experts, analysts, public relations specialists, journalists, and copywriters. 

We provide expert advice on target groups, means, and media and help our clients in translating knowledge and data into actual, measurable change in behavior and actions. Our starting point is our professionalism, creativity, and decades of experience.

Management Team

Om Rostra | 5
    Christian Olesen

    CEO and partner

    M: co@rostrapr.com
    T:  +45 26 72 94 29


    Client Directors

    Om Rostra | 6
      Mathias Wulff Jensen

      Chief communication adviser

      M: mwj@rostrapr.com
      T:  +45 26 24 51 54


      Om Rostra | 7
        Christoffer Hovaldt

        Senior adviser

        M: ch@rostrapr.com
        T:  +45 26 70 52 82


        Om Rostra | 8
          Mette Markussen Arre

          Senior adviser

          M: ma@rostrapr.com
          T:  +45 28 74 33 78