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Public affairs

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Is political regulation crucial to your framework conditions? Is your perspective not represented sufficiently in the political debate arena in Denmark and/or the Nordic region? Do you need more clout with decisoin-makers and policy-makers. We can help you.

We have many years of experience with public affairs

We have extensive experience with lobbyism, stakeholder relations and outreach to politicians and officials at all levels in Denmark and the Nordic region. That is why many international companies from politically sensitive sectors such as healthcare, food and energy come to us for help. Furthermore, many of our consultants have experience from political organisations and are trained in securing influence within the political arena.

We have a broad network among key decision-makers and deep insights into the political legislative and decision-making process in the Nordic region. And, more importantly, we have the right experience in developing and communicating the convincing arguments that secures your interests in the political decision-making processes. In Rostra we work to strengthen your legitimacy through strategic networking and establishing of relations with key decision makers and journalist.

Issues management and crisis communication

You can never know when your company, organization or product becomes the object of negative publicity. But when it happens, we are here to help you. Our agency is among the best in the Danish and Nordic market when it comes to issues management and crisis communications. We have many years of experience handling the most business-critical issues for some of the largest international companies. Therefore, we offer full-service assistance in this field − ranging from contingency planning, emergency stakeholder relations and media surveillance to rapid response support, interview and message coaching as well as on-camera media training.

We can help you with your interests in Denmark and the Nordic region

Most advisors in Rostra have a background in political work – either working in Parliament, ministries, municipalities, political parties or interest organizations. We have in depth knowledge of the political processes, mindsets and challenges. We use this experience and insight when advising international companies and organizations about their relationships with authorities, politicians and opinion-leaders in Denmark or the rest of the Nordic region.

Looking for a public affairs partner in Denmark?
Rostra has many years of experience with public affairs services. We can help you through every step of the process from idea to executing a succesful project. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!