Public Relations

PR is a core competency of Rostra’s. We consider our capabilities within this field unsurpassed in the Danish market. As we offer every type of public relations and influencer marketing service, our PR agency can serve as your press office and point of contact for the media, as well as manage outreach, media relations, planning, influencer collaboration, media intelligence and executive briefings before an interview. We operate on every market in the Nordic region.

PR agency – strategic press campaign

Positive press coverage is not only a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing. A strategic PR campaign adds credibility and weight to your company or brand, which a paid add does not.

PR is a great addition to any kind of marketing, if your goal is to:

  • Increase the awareness of and trust in your company, organization or brand in Denmark, Scandinavia or the Nordic region.
  • Get credible and editorial media coverage in relevant Danish and Nordic media.
  • Get your messages and stories in the media relevant to your target audience.
  • Engage and involve your employees, stakeholders and clients in Denmark, Scandinavia and the Nordic region.
  • Increase your sales.

Product PR

One of our agency’s specialties is product PR. For many years, we have worked with the media in Denmark and the Nordics to build product awareness, position brands and drive sales for companies from a great variety of industries and targeting both consumer segments as well as business segments.

Product PR can utilize a long range of approaches and methods, and we consider our capabilities within this field unsurpassed in the Danish market.

Influencer marketing

We have worked with influencer marketing for more than 20 years. We maintain a strong and large network of influencers of all categories. We collaborate with influencers to help brands connect with new audiences and strengthen the relations with existing customers.

Corporate PR

Corporate PR is another field where we draw upon a long range of methods. We often target a combination of general news media and specialised business, trade or lifestyle media. One approach is to pro-actively raise awareness in the market via trade media. Trade media are liable to take an interest in news that is too specialised for the broad news media.

Rostra PR can help you with:

  • Developing a strategy and plan for PR targeted your company’s audiences
  • Defining expected results
  • Covering media relevant to the target audience
  • Creating a common thread in your communication on all platforms
  • Marketing and branding your company or organization through PR and influencer marketing
  • Managing media monitoring
  • Creating media reports
  • Planning and executing press events, press trips and press meetings
  • Issues Management / reactive PR
  • Functioning as main office in the Danish or Nordic markets