SoMe campaign with takeover on Facebook

In contrast to LED light bulbs and incandescent bulbs, energy-saving light bulbs contain the health-damaging heavy metal mercury. The energy-saving light bulbs, which can be found in many Danish homes and workplaces, therefore constitute a significant part of the overall risk of being exposed to mercury (the energy-saving light bulbs are only dangerous if they break).

Rostra handled the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) campaign against energy-saving light bulbs and developed the positive message to choose LED instead. The campaign consisted of a wide range of activities. This included taking over the EPA’s landing page on Facebook during the campaign period to focus on the area of “chemistry in everyday life”, just as we promoted the campaign on Youtube, Google and Facebook.

The campaign on social media met its objectives by 191% thanks to 8.6 million impressions and 53,822 clicks. The Facebook takeover generated more traffic to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's website than any previous campaign had done before. The evaluation of the campaign showed that 70% of the recipients thought the campaign was good or very good. 60% mentioned the campaign as a reason why they now prefer to use LED bulbs.

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